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User Tips and Suggestions

General Tips ... Applies to all Types of Scale Use:
PicturePurchase a quality surge protector for your scale to avoid damage from electrical surges and spikes.
PictureLeaving the scale plugged-in at the outlet (but turned off) will keep the circuitry warm and will avoid inaccurate counts or weight due to "electronic drift".
Counting Tips:
If you need to count parent size sheets of paper (17 x 22"  23 x 35", etc.) you can make an oversized "expansion platter" from 1/8" or 1/4 masonite board. In a pinch, corrugated cardboard or foam-core mounting boards will also work fine. QTech also offers two different commercial grade expansion platters for the HD and QCS models.
Ink Mixing Tips:
Another suggestion to keep your scale clean during ink mixing is to drape it with a piece of plastic food wrap. If any ink drips onto the scale you can clean up quickly by discarding the wrap when you are finished.
Lexan or safety glass make perfect mixing surfaces when mixing inks. Have a sheet of 1/8 or 1/4" thick material cut to a size 15 x 15" or so. By using an oversize piece you will protect the scale from ink drizzle while still providing a clear view of the keyboard. Just be sure to only use plastic ink knives...a metal knife might score the Plexiglas or glass and you may end up with particles in your mix.

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