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PROBLEM:Incorrect Counts
If you find that you counts are inconsistent or incorrect, one or more of the following factors may be the cause:
NOTE: When used properly, QTech scales will provide accurate counts. If the sampling instructions are followed and the item you are counting is uniform in weight, the scale will always display the correct count.

Incorrect counts are usually the result of one or more of the following:

Miscount the sampling:The scale is dependent on the operator for the accuracy of the sampling. If you "tell" the scale that there are 40 pieces in a sampling, but there is actually only 39 - you will get a bad count.

Too small of a sampling: Example: if the recommended sampling size is 60 pieces, and you only use 10 or 20 pieces, there is a good chance that you will get a bad count. Remember: the larger the sampling size, the better the accuracy of the final count.

Lack of uniformity of the item being counted: The scale is dependent on the item being counted to be uniform...every piece has to weigh the same. A mixture of different weight stocks or items will result in inaccurate counts.

A classic source of bad counts is counting something supplied by another vendor. Since you were not in control of the job from the very beginning there is an increased possibility of error. The company supplying the job to be counted may have mixed different lots or production runs of different unit weights.

Operating the scale in a draft: Air has mass and mass has weight. Any ambient air draft can affect the scale's accuracy. Avoid using the scale near any source of moving air: fans, air conditioners, heaters; even a cross draft coming from a window or door.

Check the Weight Window before operating: The weight window should read 0. If there are numbers in the WEIGHT window (not the UNIT WEIGHT window), your count will be off. If you use the tare feature, there will be a negative weight left when you are finished. If this weight is not removed by pressing the TARE key (with nothing on the scale), your count will be off on the next job you count.


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