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Why QTech?

QTechis certainly not the only scale distributor to choose from, so why give us your consideration?

The two most important reasons: our state-of-the-art scales are designed and constructed better and our business model is superior. No other supplier can match the versatility, accuracy, and cost effectiveness of our products. And no other vendor can match our customer support. We guarantee it.

FIRST -The Technology:

The QCS series of scales represents the latest generation of digital scale technology providing increased capacity along with enhanced resolution. What this means is you can count and weigh more with greater accuracy. And that translates to increased productivity and reduced costs.

When it comes to resolution vs. weight capacity, QTech scales beat the competition hands down:

  • Our 3 lb.QCS Model with its internal resolution of one part in two million(1/2,000,000) resolves to an incredible .0001 lbs. If you need to count extremely small or lightweight items, or mix fractional amounts of ink, the QCS-3 is the scale for you.
  • The 6 lb.QCS Model resolves to a remarkable .0005 lbs. This means that it can interpret and resolve weight in increments as fine as five ten-thousandths of a pound. This makes the QCS perfect for counting items that weigh as little as one tenth of a pound per thousand pieces.
  • The 15 lb. QCS Modelresolves to .001 lbs.making it a very effective intermediate counting scale where the need is to count items that weigh as little as one half of a pound per thousand pieces.
  • The 65 lb. QCS Model resolves to .005 lbs. Most other scales on the market with capacities above 50 lbs resolve to a very coarse .01 lbs. The QCS-65's high sensitivity allows you to count larger amounts at one time, accurately and quickly.

SECOND - The Support:

QTech provides many product and support features as "standard". Other manufacturers either do not offer these additional benefits or are only available at extra cost.

  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY - If your scale ever fails for any reason QTech will either repair or replace your unit at absolutely no charge to you. And that includes not only component failure but damage resulting from user intervention. That's right, even if you drop it, we'll fix it for free.
  • 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If for any reason you decide that the QTech scale does not match your needs, just return the unit for a full refund.
  • FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT -We'll support your purchase at no charge for as long as you own the scale.We offer professional,courteous, and timely response to your inquiries, questions, or concerns.
  • BATTERY OPERATION - The EZ-60 and all QCS Models come with an internal rechargeable battery. This feature allows for unconstrained mobile operation.

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